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WHat's up...?

NOVEMBER 2022 -  Anissa Bonnefont's first fiction feature, La Maison, will premiere in selected theaters on November 16th. The movie, based on the book written by journalist Emma Becker, stars Ana Girardot, Rossy de Palma, Aure Atika, Lucas Englander... A movie like none other.

NOVEMBER 2022 -  Romuald Boulanger's first feature film On The Line comes out worldwide in November 2022. The movie stars Mel Gibson, William Moseley, Kevin Dillon... And Carole gets to have a fun little cameo in the movie!


NOVEMBER 2022 -  Michael Dupret's horror feature film #NoFilter will be premiering at the Razo Reel festival in Brugges (Belgium) on November 3rd. 

Une Jolie Ruelle poster.jpeg

FEBRUARY 2022 -  Carole's directorial debut, the short film Une Jolie Ruelle, is competing in the Nikon Film Festival. Watch it HERE. And don't forget to vote (aka Support the movie). 


JANUARY 2022 -  Carole just finished shooting Anissa Bonnefont's first fiction feature, La Maison, based on a book by Emma Beckers. The film stars Ana Girardot, Rossy de Palma, Aura Atika among others. 


OCTOBER 2021 -  Carole is currently shooting Michael Dupret's new feature film, #NoFilter, produced by Entre Chien et Loup. 

SEPTEMBER 2021 -  Starting September 24th, you'll be able to binge watch your soon-to be-favorite TV show on Netflix: Braqueurs (aka Ganglands). Directed by Julien Leclercq.

SEPTEMBER 2021 -  On September 13, the TV movie "Les Héritiers", directed by Jean-Marc Brondolo, will premiere on France 2. If you've missed it, you can watch it on replay on Salto. 

JULY 2021 -  The brand new trailer for the TV series The Window just came out! You can watch it right HERE.


JUNE 2021 -  The TV movie Harcelés, directed by Olivier Barma, will be premiering on M6 on June 14th!


How would you react if all your devices were hacked and you were cyber-bullied with compromising information? 


MARCH 2021 -  Olivier Barma's tv movie for M6, Harcelés, will be competing at the 23rd Luchon TV festival, running in the official competition. See you online from March 10th till March 14th!


MARCH 2021 -  Julien Leclercq's latest movie, Sentinelle, will premiere on Netflix on March 5th! Be sure to set a reminder, and in the meantime, feel free to watch the trailer over and over again, right HERE. 


JANUARY 2021 -  The sci-fi Agent Revelation will be launching on all streaming platforms in North America starting January22,  2021! Get yourself behind a screen!


DECEMBER 2020 -  The France 2 production "Les Héritiers" just finished shooting. See you in 2021 for the air date! 


NOVEMBER 2020 -  The Israeli series No Man's Land, produced by Versus Production, will start airing on November 18th on Arte and Hulu.


OCTOBER 2020 -  Carole will be part of the jury for the official selection at the WaHFF (Waterloo Historical Film Festival) alongside Patrick Ridremont, Tania Garbarski, Victor Meutelet... to name a few.


SEPTEMBER 2020 -  Carole is once again teaming up with the ever-talented Julien Leclercq, on his new Netflix project. It will be a series based on his movie The Crew. More info to follow...


AUGUST 2020 -  Carole is teaming up again with Velvet Production for the short film Les Chats Errants written and directed by the incredible trio Victor Sagristà, Maëlle Grand Bossi and Elizabeth Silveiro. 


JUNE 2020 -  Carole is stepping in for the role of Anne Valdek in the upcoming TV movie HARCELÉS, produced by M6 and GMT and directed by Olivier Barma.


APRIL 2020 - PARLEMENT, the 10-episode series written by Noé Debré and directed by Jérémie Stein & Emilie Noblet will be available to watch in its entirety on starting April 9th 2020.  


APRIL 2020 - OF EARTH AND BLOOD, Julien Leclercq's new thriller starring Sami Bouajila, will come out on Netflix on April 17th! Get ready...

Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 9.20.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 9.21.24 AM.png

FEBRUARY 2020 - The festival Series Mania is back with great news! Two series that Carole guest-starred in, are in competition.

Parlement created by Noé Debré will be in the French Competition.

No Man's Land, created by Maria Feldman, Eitan Mansuri, Amit Cohen and Ron Leshem will be in the International Competition. 


FEBRUARY 2020 - Carole is stepping in the Pacific Resident Theater production of Arthur Miller's All My Sons, as the role of Ann. She'll be on stage until March 1st. Get your tickets HERE


NOVEMBER 2019 - Carole Weyers is currently shooting several series and movies in Europe: Parlement, The Window, Sentinelle to name a few... Expected release for all of these projects in 2020.


MAY 24, 2019 - Double Je will air its first two episodes on Friday May 24 at 9PM on France 2.


MAY 19, 2019 - The Missing File, an Israeli TV series produced by Gumfilms for Keshet, will start airing!


MAY 2019 - To view the trailer for Double Je, click HERE.


APRIL 2019 - Carole won the award for Best Actress in the French Competition at the Series Mania Festival in Lille, for her role in Double Je (France 2).


MARCH 16, 2019 - Carole will appear in tonight's episode of Section de Recherches on TF1. 

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